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Gallery & Testimonials

What Our clients are saying


This bootcamp provided very thorough and detailed information. I highly recommend it!

-Reanna C.


Very informative and resourceful. High energy and engaging!

-Camille G.

Bid on a Property NOW!

A lot of good information that make you want to go bid on a property NOW! I know this is my first seminar, but it gives a mind change on how to look at tax lien auctions. Also, introduced to other vendors that can assist in your business, such as, obtaining business capital. That is very important to me.

-Aaronetta W.

Really Helpful

Very informative class which offers a good bit of preliminary knowledge. Chantelle is really helpful.

-Mike M.

Learned So Much

Almost couldn't attend but things happen for a reason. Learned so much and not just listened to a lot of talk but actually learned applications, which websites to use and things to consider when choosing what to bid on. I'd recommend this for anyone planning to bid on tax liens.

-Mimi M.

Totally Worth A Weekend

By attending the GA Tax Lien Bootcamp, I learned more in the last two days, than reading about it in the last several weeks. The practical and hands on training has prepared me for the next step. It was totally worth a weekend plus the upcoming auction. #RealLifeRealEstateInvesting

-Thays M.


Great introduction to this lucrative investing strategy. Chantelle is brilliant!

-Stephen J.

You Wont Regret It

GA Tax Lien Bootcamp is a great real estate investment tool. As many may know, there are several great ways to invest in a real estate. Chantelle and her team do a great job of introducing this strategy to the marketplace. Check out their meetup, you won’t regret it.

-Aliman N.

Excellent Program

Excellent program. I'm currently at the Bootcamp along with 21 other people who are ready to take the leap into tax lien investing. I've learned so much already. Thank you Sistah Jamilah!

-Khadijah J.