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CE GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

The 3-Hour Continuing Education (CE) Credit Bootcamp provides you with strong foundation about tax liens and the ability to impress your investor buyers, all while satisfying a portion of your mandatory CE credits.  Currently, the bootcamp is an in-person bootcamp style class held at a local real estate brokerage firm.

This bootcamp will prepare you for our 4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp or 12 Week GA Tax Lien Bootcamp.  At the CE GA Tax Lien Bootcmap you’ll learn the GA tax lien process and how investing in tax liens can create wealth, create freedom, create passive income and much more for your buyer investors.

  • Learn the tax lien process and the difference between tax liens, tax lien certificates and tax deeds
  • Learn how to own real estate free and clear
  • Learn how to get started investing with GA Tax Liens
  • Learn which states have which type of tax liens
  • Learn how to double your capital with interest redemption
  • Learn where to get funding to purchase your tax liens
  • Participate in mock auctions

If you are a broker and would like us to teach our GA Tax Lien Bootcamp CE Course to real estate agents at your firm, please contact us.

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