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4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp

After completing the 4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp, you will be a bona-fide professional GA Tax Lien Investor.   We will make sure you not only have the knowledge needed, but the confidence required to bid at your next tax sale auctions.  Learn our proprietary D.D.O.E. method.  Our method will help you win more bids!

What to expect/learn at the 4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp:

  • Learn the tax lien process and the difference between tax liens, tax lien certificates and tax deeds
  • Learn how to own real estate free and clear
  • Learn how to create retirement income, create passive income, create wealth and create freedom
  • Learn how to get started investing with GA Tax Liens
  • Learn how to create a wealth generation plan using tax lien investing strategies (properties & interest)
  • Learn how to calculate redemptions at any point in the process
  • Learn how to earn 20%+ on your money
  • Learn the various tax lien exit strategies
  • Learn the various ways to financing these deals
  •  Learn which vendors are required in the tax lien process (we provide list)
  • Learn how to obtain and process list from various counties
  • Learn how to calculate max bid amounts for flips and hold/buy parcels
  • Learn how to create bidding strategies
  • Participate in mock auctions
  • Review case studies
  • Attend a bus tour
  • Attend a live county auction
  • Recap on sessions
  • Complete weekly homework assignment and breakout group sessions
  • Participate in Q&A sessions
  • We help you gain the confidence required to purchase your first tax lien.

To attend the 4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp click here.

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