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The GA Tax Lien Bootcamp is a revolutionary training system led by a team of dedicated experts who are specifically trained to help real estate investors and more specifically, tax lien investors gain the skills and confidence they need to execute and win!

Led by Chantelle Owens, a licensed real estate agent and member of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, the GA Tax Lien Bootcamp gives students the concrete experience they need to execute and win. Also known as the “Queen of Tax Liens,” Chantelle and her team of instructors have completed more than 1,000 tax lien transactions over 20 years, which has made them the go-to experts in Georgia. Chantelle and her team of instructors at the GA Tax Lien Bootcamp, are the instructors you want to hold your hand and guide you step by step through the tax lien investing process.



Tax lien investing is very rewarding and can be a win/win investment. However, tax lien investing can also be risky if you don’t handle it correctly, and going it alone is an easy way to get burned.

Our goal is to make it possible for everyday people to learn the basics of tax lien investing on a solid foundation that will stand the test of time. GA Tax Lien Bootcamp was born out of this goal. GA Tax Lien Bootcamp has multiple bootcamps to accommodate your interest level, knowledge level, professional aspirations, goals, schedule and learning style.



Our bootcamps are not just a basic curriculum. We are not just standing in front of the room lecture style. Our bootcamps are interactive, intensive and immersive. We coach you to do the work on your laptop. We take you into the field. And last, but not least, we take you to auction and hold your hand while you bid, sometimes literally!

Our bootcamps are also an incredible networking opportunity. Our team has collaborated with many individuals, companies, and organizations, and training with her can open up a whole world of allies.

Because our bootcamps are designed by real estate investors for real estate investors, it doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran investor or just getting started. We make all the information clear, accessible, and immersive. We lay out the entire process and help you learn from our past mistakes. The skills you gain can transform your investments completely, so don’t wait to get started. Sign up for a bootcamp today.

Our entire team has been hand-select and trained by Chantelle. Her standard is as high as her reputation, so you can be assured that you’re being trained by the best. In addition to their company roles, each of our team members are trained in tax lien investing.

Meet our team Bray Sims, Maurice Hodges and Julia Standard, Charlie Parks, Danielle Winfield-Wimberly Dee Pope, Scott Gilbert, and Nina Bell.