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4 Day Bootcamp

You can absolutely create wealth, retirement income, and freedom through tax lien investing


4 Day Bootcamp



After completing this in person 4 Day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp, you will be a professional GA Tax Lien Investor. The goal is to provide students with the knowledge and the confidence required to bid at the tax sale auction in three days.


This in-person bootcamp is conducted on Friday-Sunday and the next first Tuesday of the month. Here is what to expect over the 4 day GA Tax Lien Bootcamp: •

  • Day 1-2 are two full days of intensive, interactive, and immersive knowledge about the tax lien process and the importance of mastering the Due Diligence On Everything (D.D.O.E).
  • Day 3 is the bus tour
  • Day 4 will be held on the first Tuesday of the month at the county courthouse steps where students can see a real live auction and bid on
  • Bonus conference call to ensure students are ready to bid at the next auction and answer any final questions.

What you will learn

  • Learn the tax lien process and the difference between tax liens, tax lien certificates and tax deeds
  • Learn how to own real estate free and clear
  • Learn how to create retirement income, create passive income, create wealth and create freedom
  • Learn how to get started investing with GA Tax Liens
  • Learn how to create a wealth generation plan using tax lien investing strategies (properties & interest)
  • Learn how to calculate redemptions at any point in the process
  • Learn how to earn 20%+ on your money
  • Learn the various tax lien exit strategies
  • Learn the various ways to financing these deals
  • Learn which vendors are required in the tax lien process (we provide list)
  • Learn how to obtain and process list from various counties
  • Learn how to calculate max bid amounts for flips and hold/buy parcels
  • Learn how to create bidding strategies
  • Review case studies
  • Attend a bus tour
  • Attend a live county auction
  • Recap on sessions
  • Complete weekly homework assignment and breakout group sessions
  • Participate in mock auctions
  • Participate in Q&A sessions
  • We help you gain the confidence required to purchase your first tax lien.
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